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Trauma, Anger and The Body: The Embodiment of Fear and Fury

Anger is one of the most common symptoms associated with Complex PTSD, yet the shame coupled with it, stigma around it, and dissociation of it, impedes trauma survivors from truly understanding its function in their healing journey. Exploring the embodiment of anger is a powerful tool in trauma treatment.  

Trauma therapists can benefit from understanding what supports, or thwarts, their curiosity of their client's anger. Participants will learn the many sources of trauma related anger and rage, the impact of anger on the body, and methods of somatic inquiry to support embodied curiosity. We will also explore different types of angry “parts”, their purpose, and presentation.


Therapists will engage in their own exploration of their embodied reaction to anger and how it helps and/or hinders the therapeutic dynamic with traumatized clients.

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