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Systemic Racism and Trauma


The training is an exploration of Systemic Racial Trauma, Somatic Experiencing Concepts, and tools for healing. I highlight concepts from authors such as Resmaa Menakem, Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi, in their exploration of how white bodies can unknowingly perpetuate racism and how to cultivate an expansive and curious approach toward examining racial biases.


Weaving in my own experiences as a biracial, brown-bodied person. I discuss how racial trauma impacts the nervous system of brown and black bodies and other oppressed populations.

Participants will engage in somatic exercises as a method of learning about the somatic concepts of titration, pendulation, constriction and expansion in relation to race related topics. In addition, the traumatic impact of systemic racism will be explored along with various somatic treatment techniques.

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