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Trauma and Sexual Intimacy: Rediscovering the Sexual Self

Embedded in the complex web of sexual trauma treatment is the survivor’s complex feelings related to intrapsychic and interpersonal sexual intimacy.

Engaging sexual trauma survivors in processing issuerelated to sexual intimacy is particularly complicated by their understandable avoidance of and dissociation from any related sensations, thoughts, or feelings. Becky Carter will explore the impact ofsexual trauma on emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, and sexual functioning.

Dissociative elements related to sexual intimacy will also be discussed.

In addition, participants will learn somatic techniques for discovering the connection between arousal and pain, pleasure and fear, and other embodied sexual trauma couplings. Therapists will learn ways to assist their clients in restoring and/or developing a volitional, non-coercive, and associated experience of sexually intimate connections with self  and others.

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