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The Body in Grief: Supporting the Body in Somatic Healing

The experience of death, loss, mourning, and grief are woven through our clients lives and the lives of therapists. Supporting the many types of loss and their different presentations is a crucial part of therapy work and embedded in trauma experiences. Supporting the body in grief can be a daunting task yet when done with attunement, presence and co-regulation; can be incredibly transformative.

training will include an overview of different types of losses and the various forms grief can take shape for clients. Traumatic themes that emerge in loss will be presented in addition to the losses that result inembodied traumatic reactions, many of which are rooted in early attachment. Participants will learn about the impact loss has on the nervous system and body and how to support resilience and regulation amidst grief. The concepts of death versus life force energy will be explored in addition to the transformative elements of grief. 

Attendees will have an opportunity to reflect on how their own experiences with loss impact their capacity to be an embodied support and witness to their clients.
Reflective somatic exercises will be included to assist attendees in gaining a deeper understanding of the somatic impact of loss and transformative healing for self, families, and communities.

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